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As one of the main business of Huishengyuan Company, the development mode of "Sharing System" breaks through the shackles of "high investment, high consumption and high operation" in the era of "Sharing Economy 1.0", and allows partners to participate in "Sharing System" with low investment. At present, the "Sharing Towel Machine" project has been launched. Products such as "Shared Drinking Machine", "Shared Drinking Machine" and "Shared Washing Machine" will also be on the market one after another. The highlight of "Sharing System" is precise target, safe and convenient, environmental protection and recycling.
图片 Aggregate payment
"Aggregate payment" is a collection payment system consisting of cloud flash payment and the three party payment system such as Alipay, WeChat and Baidu wallet. It includes the universal payment developed by UnionPay business Limited by Share Ltd (China UnionPay Holdings) and the Xing E payment developed by Xingye Bank. It allows businesses to no longer need to paste many receipts of two-dimensional code, and only through aggregate payment a two-dimensional payment. Code can receive payment from cloud flash payment, Alipay, WeChat and other users. Aggregated payment improves the payment experience of users and facilitates the settlement amount of merchants on the premise of upgrading payment methods and reducing the payment risk of users.
图片 Full name sharing
"All people share" products are just needed products with large demand, such as paper towels, drinking water, beverages, laundry, etc. They are the most common but large-demand necessities, and the market demand is large. By sharing two-dimensional codes on products, customers are diverted to the business where the paper towel machine is located, while using shared products to publicize customer company information or product information; entrepreneurs in addition to free access to company information; All kinds of promotional products can also participate in various free activities launched from time to time.

Product introduction

To build healthy, sustainable and comprehensive school enterprise intelligent ecological circle for universities, students, businesses and enterprises


"Create a win-win situation and enjoy worldwide fame"

Hunan Huishengyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. - Sharing Branchis located in the Lugu New Changhai Center, a national high-tech Industrial Development "Internet + smart campus (enterprise)" in the domestic universities (enterprises), we can provide quality and free sharing products to all the universities (enterprises), so that campus students and employees can truly enjoy the convenience and preferences of the sharing system.

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The personalized wisdom school enterprise service system will be developed to the whole country and even the whole world based on Hunan

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Industry news

  • "Universal sharing" free mechanism
  • 2018/09/04
  • The new sharing mechanism, which combines customer drainage, advertising promotion, social welfare and recycling environmental protection, has a "shared economy 2.0" model
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  • The way to start a business
  • 2018/08/24
  • Hui Shengyuan entrepreneurship platform aims to provide college students with entrepreneurial incentives and entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, it also creates talent storage space for social enterprises.
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  • Takeout platform
  • 2018/08/03
  • Takeaway is a convenient way to eat. On campus, students can solve the eating problem in order to save more time and a cell phone. Because of its convenience and convenience, takeout has gradually become the dietary choice of many student groups
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