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Hui Sheng Yuan company officially became the official partner of China UnionPay. In the future, Huishengyuan users can apply for credit cards or loans free of charge on Huishengyuan public number, no intermediary service fee yo!

  • A dream trip
  • According to the characteristics of College students, they are very interested in traveling. But at the same time, they reject the traditional group tour and pay more attention to the experience of traveling. But at present, there is no product for college students in the tourism market. Most college students choose to travel freely. Therefore, in the development of tourism products for college students need to meet the tourism needs of College students, plus they pay more attention to experience, at the same time, limited consumption capacity, dream travel regularly free of charge to organize college students to carry out tourism activities, and in the design of tourism products for college students pay more attention to the experience of play, arrange more. On the basis of demand, a group of tour groups with different prices will be set up on the food and lodging services. According to the characteristics of college students themselves, they often choose some more leisure travel destinations in their free travel. According to the frequent use of the Internet by college students, students can directly use the network booking method to complete transactions on the platform. Therefore, dream travel will become the first choice for students to travel. Stage.
  • Special concentration camp
  • Hunan Huishengyuan E-commerce Co., Ltd. launched an official platform to provide sponsorship activities for college associations and college students. College activities can find sponsors better and faster here, and can also release sponsorship needs through the platform, so that we can quickly find students in need of help. In addition, through the platform, students can also learn and share the experience of activities, so that the later activities can be more exciting. There are more than 100 campus associations organized by major universities every academic year. And all activities in the organization before the start, are inevitably faced with the problem of sponsorship, colleges and universities of all sizes and sizes of funding activities, if only by the school Youth League Committee funding, the school activities simply difficult to operate. And in order to attract sponsorship, University outsiders are also thinking hard, all kinds of methods are exhausted, but sponsorship is still difficult to pull.
  • Recruitment of talents
  • Hunan Huishengyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. takes employment as the service center, helps students to cultivate the fine character of work-study, and fundamentally solves the current situation of college students graduation = unemployment, and helps colleges and universities to improve the employment rate of graduates.
  • The rise of sharing mode
  • Sharing mode can optimize the right to the use of idle resources from the supply side, which will eventually bring about tremendous commercial and social changes and produce tremendous economic and social benefits.
  • Operation of online shopping mall
  • The purpose of the mall is to perfect and optimize the columns and content of the website, to adapt to consumers, guide consumers, improve the user experience of the website, increase the flow of the website and the registration of users.
  • Internet + school enterprise cooperation
  • China's first integrated Internet Co with internet plus intelligence, ecology, school and enterprise

Industry news

  • "Internet + school enterprise cooperation"
  • 2018/08/03
  • Through cooperation with China UnionPay, we should give full play to the advantages and resources in the field of "Internet + smart campus (enterprise)", and create personalized intelligent school enterprise service system suitable for schools and enterprises.
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  • Recruitment in the talent market
  • 2018/08/24
  • The company will also connect the national high-quality enterprise resources, part-time jobs in schools as a supplement to the talent information system, help students in schools to cultivate good work-study ethics, and fundamentally solve the current situation of college students graduation = unemployment, help colleges and universities to improve the employment rate of students graduation
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  • Create a new free sharing mechanism for the whole nation
  • 2018/09/03
  • University of Science and Technology Beijing professor Zhao Xiao put forward the judgement that shared economy is entering the 2 era. He believes that from the sharing economy 1.0 era of physical sharing, China is entering a deeper level of ecological industry chain sharing the sharing economy 2.0 era.
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