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The public welfare environmental protection project under the shared 2 mode is officially launched

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Advertising promotion + landing activity + sharing economy=?

  • On November 17, 2017, Zhang Qi, deputy director of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the average annual growth rate of China's shared economy in the next five years will reach about 40%, and there will be 5 to 10 national backbone platforms in the field of China's shared economy in the next decade. Zhao Xiao, the former Minister of macro-strategy of SASAC Research Center and a professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology, also put forward the judgment that the sharing economy is entering the 2.0 era. He believes that China is gradually upgrading from the 1.0 era of sharing economy in kind to the 2.0 era of sharing economy in deeper ecological industry chain
  • Yesterday, Zhang Qi, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the first industry ecological sharing Summit Forum held in Zhengzhou that the average annual growth rate of China's shared economy in the next five years will be about 40%. In the next decade, China's shared economy is expected to have 5 to 10 national backbone platforms. Experts believe that China is evolving from the era of sharing economy in kind to the era of sharing economy in complex ecological industrial chain and multi-level resource sharing.
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  • With the rise of sharing mode, sharing mode can optimize the use right of idle resources from the supply side, which will eventually bring about great commercial and social changes, and produce huge economic and social benefits. Zhang Qi predicts that by 2020, the scale of shared economic transactions will account for more than 10% of China's GDP share. At present, the business model of China's shared economy has penetrated into all industrial links from consumption to production, promoting industrial innovation and transformation and upgrading. China's share economy market in 2016 has reached 3945 billion yuan, according to the 2016 China Shared Economy Development Report issued by China Electronic Commerce Research Center. Zhang Qi said that in the areas of accommodation, transportation, education, life services and tourism, the emergence of sharing economic companies. From pet foster sharing, parking space sharing to expert sharing, community service sharing and tour guide sharing, sharing economy, penetrating into people's daily life, into ordinary people's homes.
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  • As a result, the company will help small white people with only a few hundred thousand dollars to invest in the boom, to avoid the risk of investment projects, from sharing the dividend of the economy, so that the partnership entrepreneurs to participate in the "ecological sharing" mechanism with low investment. Earn high yield steadily and enjoy the project at the same time. Not only can we do public welfare, environmental protection, and realize our feelings. You can gradually "fullness" your purse. Hui Sheng source of top management team to build, "people share" to give you the answer. The new sharing mechanism, which combines customer drainage, advertising promotion, social welfare and recycling environmental protection, has a "shared economy 2.0" model. In the future, the company will also connect the national high-quality enterprise resources, create employment-oriented and part-time job-supplemented personnel information system to help students cultivate the fine character of work-study, and fundamentally solve the current situation of college students graduation = unemployment, and help colleges and universities to improve the employment rate of graduates. The personalized wisdom and school enterprise service will take Hunan as the starting point to fully radiate the whole nation and even the whole world.