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Core competitiveness

Hunan Huishengyuan Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the two major businesses of "smart schools and enterprises" and "ecological sharing". "Intelligent School-Enterprise" centers on the essence of school-enterprise service and goes deep into the core of school-enterprise service. Through cooperation with China UnionPay full play to the advantages and resources in the field of "Internet Intelligent Campus (Enterprise)", the "Intelligent School-Enterprise" will create a personalized intelligent school-enterprise service system suitable for the characteristics of schools and enterprises. The body plate is the intelligent school enterprise management system.

  • Payment system
  • Automatic shunting to
  • UnionPay + bank
  • Strongest combination
  • Enterprise talents
  • Training business school
  • Canteen platform payment system
  • Cloud flash payment to pay O2O
  • Online to Offline
Life management system and service management system, including: catering payment, take-out orders, startups, love to help students, part-time work and study, well-known enterprises and school recruitment and real-name social entertainment platform. Intelligent campus service system for universities, students, businesses, enterprises to create a healthy and sustainable development of comprehensive school-enterprise intelligent ecosphere.
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  • Ecological sharing

    Eco-sharing is one of the main forces of Huishengyuan's development. Its development mode breaks through the shackles of "high investment, high consumption, high operation" in the era of shared economy, and allows the entrepreneurs to participate in the "eco-sharing" mechanism with low investment. At present, four major products have been launched, namely "shared napkin machine", "shared water dispenser", "shared beverage machine" and "shared washing machine". The highlight of the "ecological sharing" mechanism is precise objectives, drainage publicity, recycling, and at the same time, through the use of shared products, we will directly charge the product experience fee.

  • Shopping store

    Free experience, super value discount

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Scavenging sharing

Hui Sheng source mutually beneficial sharing platform, to provide the greatest convenience for your life.


Campus trajectory

Life, learning, information, entertainment, making friends, remember the dribs and drabs of the green year.


Special concentration camp

An official platform for sponsoring activities for University Associations and college students.


Self admission

Joining universities and colleges, we are committed to becoming the most professional college entrance examination planning and education institution in China, serving the majority of high school students and providing one-to-one academic planning, voluntary application, independent enrollment and other services, in order to help students throughout the country to enter the desired colleges and universities and professions for their own responsibility, to provide children with the whole process of contract signing services, from the background. First trial service to the re examination process, the most scientific way to lead the children sprint the favorite school


Dream Fund

Always adhering to the corporate responsibility of "taking the society and returning to the society", we have set up the Dream Fund. The poor students in Colleges and universities can apply for the Dream Fund through school recommendation and self-recommendation.


The way to start a business

The purpose is to provide college students with Entrepreneurship incentives, as well as entrepreneurial opportunities, but also for social enterprises to create a talent reserve space. It is also a dream-making process for students with entrepreneurial dreams to break through the old "school + graduation + job hunting + running-in" and open up the running-in space between enterprises and college students in advance.


Flea market

Campus second-hand markets are designed to help college students dispose of legacy items such as books, computers and pets after graduation, while professionals can sublet houses, transfer beds and other idle things when they change jobs.